GPU health

I was just looking for some software or some API from which I should be able to check the health of the Graphic Card.
I just wanna confirm that the my Graphic Card is OK like:
Drivers are correctly installed,
How th memory pattern change when i use some graphic application like game,video.

Anybody please help

Thanks in advance…

GPU-Z does pretty good.You calso use the save to logfile option while playing game’s or other application’s and read it later.

GPU-Z is indeed quick and easy, though the best way to really check things is to run the SDK examples.

Every new machine I configure or reconfigure, I tend to run the following quick tests (they only take a minute).

  1. SDK deviceQuery. Especially critical for multi-gpu to make sure all GPUs are enumerated for CUDA. (No SLI issues, etc)
  2. SDK bandwidthtest: Mostly to make sure I haven’t used an 8X PCIe slot by mistake
  3. SDK nbody - because it’s pretty and runs the GPU full out. Run one copy per GPU simultaneously. It’s a heat/power test too…
    4) Mem check: I’ve never found an issue on 20+ GPUs, but it’s easy to run anyway.

All four of those tests run on Windows, Linux, and OSX, so you can check any system.

There are a lot of people (especially serious folding guys) who skip all the above and just use “does folding/BOINC work” or not but I like the multiple verification.


Where could i find these SDK’s i downloaded SDK code samples from nVidia website but i didn’t find the SDK’s you are talking about


you must install driver,tookit and sdk before you run the example in sdk.

can you tell how to know what kind of PCIe you use ?
SDK bandwidthtest: Mostly to make sure I haven’t used an 8X PCIe slot by mistake

So ihave installed : Developer Drivers + CUDA Toolkit + CUDA SDK code samples

That’s right?

now how to run the 3 examples SPWorley mentioned? where are they?


While trying to install (#make) the SDK samples, i got these messages :

make: g++: Command not found
make: *** [obj/release/bank_checker.cpp.o] Error 127

And for memtest i got these :

nvcc -c -arch sm_13 -DSM_13 -O3 -I. -I/usr/local/cuda/include -o cuda_memtest.o
make: nvcc: Command not found
make: *** [cuda_memtest.o] Error 127

Can any one help me to resolve these problems ?