GPU Images on Azure

I feel like this should be obvious, but when I filter the image by the dropdown called “Virtual machine category” and select “GPU” I get no results in my list.

Do all of these images have GPUs attached to them or how do you know what kind of power is behind each sku on the list?

Here’s the link of what I am talking about…

You need to find an Azure Region that has GPU instances like the NC and ND families. For example, the Central US region does NOT have any GPU’s but the East US region has many GPU instance types.

You can search the available instances by Azure region at the Azure Marketplace page you link to by changing the region pulldown or at the Azure Product by Region page

Thanks for clearing that up.

@gcrider how to get nvidia GPU on Azure
given nvidia was the referral to join the azure [ via microsoft for startups]
given azure support refuses service limit increase requests?