GPU Memory usages after cusolverMgDeviceSelect

I still try to study about cusolverMG library.

My workstation has 4 K80C cards. nvidia-smi command tells me that 11441MB memory is available for each GPU core. I’ve tried the example code in I’ve watched the memory usage while running the code and found that core 0 uses 907MB and the other 7 cores use 112MB memory after run cusolverMgDeviceSelect routine. I didn’t allocate any memory at the moment. My question is as follows:

  1. What does the cusolverMgDeviceSelect do internally?

  2. Why does it allocate memory inhomogeneously?

Please help.

Did you ever get an answer to this question? I observed a similar loss of memory when I ran cusolverMgDeviceSelect.

I didn’t get any answers. Further, my system does not run the example code in multiple GPU simultaneously. So I’ve given up to solve the problem.

OK, thanks for the info.

FYI, I submitted a bug through the development portal. It turns out that it was a fixable bug. I was just informed that it will be fixed in the “next release” - I assume this means CUDA 11.0+

Oh, thanks to notice it.