GPU Offloading with PRIME with 2 Nvidia GPUs

Hey i wanted to ask if gpu offloading is possible on 2 Nvidia GPUs:
I currently own a GT710 and a GTX1080, my 2 displays are connected to the GT710.
Is it possible to run Games on the GTX1080 with DRI_PRIME=1, while displaying it on the GT710?
I have an Ryzen 1600X, so a Intel iGPU is no option :(

What is the easiest/cheapest way to archive my goal? Could i just buy an AMD Gpu to offload games to the GTX1080? Or are there any other Options i could try?

This is very important for me, because i use the 1080 in a Windows VM, while using other Programs on linux with the GT710 at the same time, but i want to play any proton games directly on linux…

The nvidia driver doesn’t implement any sink capabilities yet, so anything offloading nvidia->nvidia doesn’t work. (except maybe bumblebee, AFAIK that doesn’t support vulkan)
amd/nvidia and intel/nvidia works.
Render offload:
A downside of an amd/nvidia combo is that vsync doesn’t work yet.

Okay thanks, i will try this with a R9 380X then :)