PRIME render offload not working


I try to get PRIME render offload working, but I can’t see my nvidia GPU in xrandr or the X log. I patched the xserver and also followed the README instructions. Weird is: I see two providers with xrandr, but both are named modesetting. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Bug Report:

Make sure you’re not running the nvidia driver in modesetting. Then, you’re likely missing a Device section in your Xorg config with “Driver nvidia”. Check my Xorg config here:

Thank you very much, the card is now recognized and shows up in xrandr and the X log!

Now I just need to get libglvnd working, one disadvantage with Gentoo…

EDIT: after getting libglvnd working, everything works now flawlessly! But there is one big problem: the kernel module nvidia_drm is in use even when not running programs with the nvidia card so linux-pm can’t shut down the card. Is this a bug or a feature?