Graphic driver of low version causes wrong cuda program result

hi all,

i used to run my cuda codes properly, both on cuda6.0 or cuda9.2 with a gtx1070 + 398.xx version driver. However, for some reason, i had to install a specified version (372.60) driver, adn then i got a different result from the same codes on cuda6.0.

i wonder if this problem is due to that some certain funtion has different response in lower version driver?

if so, what functions are the most suspicious?

best regards

Implement proper CUDA error checking.

Then have a look at this table.

Thank you for your advice @tera.

Actually there was no error returned after each function. The CUDA program could still run successfully, and returned a result ( a 3D image ). Everything looked good until i checked that 3D image visually and found the values were not correct.

Recommendation: Eliminate “some reason” and then install the latest driver package available for your GPU.