GRUB arm on uboot?

Unfortunately, I dont have a usable pc at home that has serial port so that I can use uboot to boot jetson from sd card. I found these articles and Im wondering if grub can be installed on jetson and be used like on any x86 pc.

GRUB doesn’t support Jetson so it cannot be installed there.

Serial ports are rare on normal PCs nowadays and that’s why many uses serial-to-USB dongles.

I really like those USB-to-serial adapters. The one I use most is Sabrent brand using the common FTDI chip:

My development machine actually has a video card that would need to be removed to use the COM port without the perfect right angle cable header…I think the video card might be more useful, so I’m also restricted to USB-to-serial converters. I have so much USB stuff I always run through a powered USB hub to avoid glitches.

I thought it could work on jetson when I saw “GRUB on ARM” on Linaro website which is focused on Linux for arm anyway.

And what about this: