gst uncoalesced option in CUDA2.3 profiler?

Hi everyone,

In CUDA 2.2 profiler we got gld uncoalesced/ gst uncoalesced informations. But I can not get such information in CUDA 2.3 profiler.

Could any one help , how I got memory coalescing information using CUDA2.3?

What kind of your GPU.

Did you use CUDA 2.2 and CUDA 2.3 for the same device?

I am using CUDA2.2 for GeForce 8800 and CUDA2.3 for Quadro CX.

Please reply

A quick google suggests to me that Quadro CX is compute capability 1.3 whereas the 8800 is CC 1.1. You won’t get this profiler counter on anything with CC > 1.1.

I have a similar problem, but I am using a GTX 280 with Ubuntu 9.04, driver 190.18.03 and CUDA 2.3/ Profiler version 2.3.11. Although I should be able to have those counters the gld/gst uncoalesced/coalesced tickboxes are all disabled in the session settings window.

Any tips why is this happening and/or how could I fix it?



The GTX 280 is also compute capability 1.3, so you won’t get those counters in any version of the profiler.

Sorry, I saw the “> 1.1” but I somehow read “< 1.1”…
Thanks for pointing it out!