gstreamer upgrade to 1.16

I have tried the manual build instructions at and now can see that my system is using 1.16.2 instead of the bundled 1.14.5 version.

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Thank you!

One can upgrade to ubuntu 20 and get the official packages for 1.16, worked for me.

Anyone has instructions to install 1.18, which is the version that I need to test?

It seems to be extremely difficult to find instructions anywhere, what I found was incomplete, there were missing steps and at the end the install failed altogether.

Maybe is something that an expert had tried before and succeeded, but I’m not an expert and find it very frustrating to be unable to install a simple package.



Check out this link and the instructions to build the latest version of Gstreamer: GitHub - GStreamer/gst-build

Check out v1.18 and then build an “uninstalled” environment for your desired version.

However, you will need to have a basic understanding of build systems if you’re going to want to work with GStreamer. Not the easiest framework to work with.

Which encoder/decoder did you use? Were you able to use NVIDIA’s HW-acccelerated codecs on the non-native 1.16.2 version?

Yes, we use nvv4l2h264enc with GStreamer 1.16.2. Actually the nvidia plugins stay as they are from the jetpack installation, so you can use all of them:

jetson@xavier:/usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/gstreamer-1.0$ ls -a libgstnv*

Hi @razvan.grigore , how did you manage to install ubuntu20.04 in jetson nano?