GTC 2024 - Key Jetson and Robotics Sessions

Hello everyone,

NVIDIA GTC is happening live on March 18–21, kicking of with CEO Jensen Huang’s must-see keynote at the SAP Center in San Jose, CA. Don’t miss this transformative moment in AI, where Jensen will share the latest breakthroughs affecting every industry including robotics.

You’ll find many inspiring robotics sessions in the catalog. To help you plan for your week at GTC, here are some you might be interested in:

Hands-on training Labs:

  • DLIT61534 Elevate Your Robotics Game: Unleash High Performance with Isaac ROS & Isaac Sim
  • DLIT61899 Simulating Custom Robots: A Hands-On Lab Using Isaac Sim and ROS 2
  • DLIT61523 Unlocking Local LLM Inference with Jetson AGX Orin: A Hands-On Lab
  • DLIT61797 Training an Autonomous Mobile Race Car with Open USD and Isaac Sim

Jetson and Robotics Developer Day (March 21):

  • [SE62934] Introduction to AI-Based Robot Development With Isaac ROS
  • [SE62675] Meet Jetson: The Platform for Edge AI and Robotics
  • [SE62933] Overview of Jetson Software and Developer Tools
  • And more.

Robotics focused sessions:

  • S63374 [Disney Research] Breathing Life into Disney’s Robotic Characters with Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • S62602 [Boston Dynamics] Come See an Unlocked Ecosystem in the Robotics World
  • S62315 [The AI Institute] Robotics and the Role of AI: Past, Present, and Future
  • S61182 [Google DeepMind] Robotics in the Age of Generative AI
  • S63034 Panel Discussion on the Impact of Generative AI on Robotics

This is a good opportunity to connect, learn, and share with industry luminaries, NVIDIA experts, and peers face-to-face. Register today.

We look forward to seeing you there.