GTX 295 VS Tesla C1060

I am using single GTX 295 in my research now. Recently, I want to build 8 x GTX 295 computers for high speed calculation. But actually Tesla C1060 is professional CUDA card. It seems that C1060 will be better than GTX 295.

I have read both specifications. GTX 295 have 240x2=480 cuda cores, and C1060 have 240 cuda cores. But C1060 have 4G memory. In my research program, only less 100M memory will be used. Therefore, it seems that GTX295 have better performance/price ratio. Does someone have experiences about this? Thanks!

The configuration of the system is:

motherboard: Tyan S7025

Case: Lian Li PC-P80

PSU:SilverStone SST-ST1500 (1500W)

CPU: Intel XEON E5530

CPU cooler: ZALMAN CNPS10X Quiet

GPU:LEADTEK WinFast GTX295 (V2) (PCIExp 1792MB)

Memory:Kingston KVR1333D3E9S/2G (DDR3 PC3-10600 2GB ECC)

Another question is: 4 GTX 295 will consume 300x4=1200 W power, and only remain 300 W power for 2 CPU and motherboard. I am warring the power may not sufficient.

Check this out: Enermax PSU Calculator, this calculator allows to find out required wattage.

As to the 295/C1060, IMHO, in your case 295 will give much more than single Tesla, the price is also significantly different.

the gtx 295 is two seperate graphics cards, if your CUDA program can be distributed across multiple graphics cards then the gtx 295 will perform better than the Tesla card. if it only runs on one GPU then the Tesla will perform better. but instead of buying the Tesla, you should by the GTX 285 as this is the geforce equivalent, it only has 1gig of ram but has 240 shader cores

Thank you very much. From calculation, the minimum power is 1058 W.

Thank you very much.