Hardware PWM on Jetson TX2

I have a Jetson TX2 Developer Kit board and want to control motor using PWM, but I don’t know which physical pins are “pwmchipN”.


platform/c340000.pwm, 1 PWM device
 pwm-0   (pwm-fan             ): requested enabled

platform/32a0000.pwm, 1 PWM device
 pwm-0   ((null)              ):

platform/3290000.pwm, 1 PWM device
 pwm-0   ((null)              ):

platform/3280000.pwm, 1 PWM device
 pwm-0   ((null)              ):

As shown, pwmchip0 is used by
How can I find which pins a pwmchip1-3?

Hi, please check the PWM chapter in TRM, and the PWM pins on module connector are as below:

PWM1: BASE 0x03280000 + offset 0x0 (PWM_CONTROLLER_PWM_CSR_0_0) —> PIN B27
PWM2: BASE 0x03290000 + offset 0x0 (PWM_CONTROLLER_PWM_CSR_0_1) —> PIN A27
PWM3: BASE 0x032a0000 + offset 0x0 (PWM_CONTROLLER_PWM_CSR_0_2) —> PIN A24
PWM4: BASE 0x0c340000 + offset 0x0 (PWM_CONTROLLER_PWM_CSR_0_3) —> PIN C16