Hdmi yuv422

SDK 32.6.1 Release

I have three HDMI outputs
How to force one of the HDMI output formats to be yuv422 ??

please refer to

The architecture that needs to force the output of YUV422 is as follows

1080P can be displayed normally in HDMI RGB mode
But switching to 4K can’t display…
The manufacturer (GS12170) hopes HDMI to send YUV422 to test 4K
But the default is RGB. Even if EDID has support, it cannot be set to YUV422

Then the document seems to support YUV422 but I don’t know how to set it

The YUV422 only supports with the method I posted. Which is triggered by application.

There is no “just boot up and the default output is yuv422” on AGX.

Which is triggered by application.??

How to use ???

I don’t understand how to use 08_video_dec_drm as an example to set HDMI output to yuv422 and other formats

The existing implementation is specific to video playback of HDR content. Please follow the steps to give it a try:

  1. Generate HDR content.

Please refer to
Encoding UHD 4K HDR10 and HDR10+ Videos - Code Calamity

Can generate the HDR content by running the command:

ffmpeg  -i input.mp4 -map 0 -c:v libx265 -x265-params hdr-opt=1:repeat-headers=1:colorprim=bt2020:transfer=smpte2084:colormatrix=bt2020nc:master-display=G(8500,39850)B(6550,2300)R(35400,14600)WP(15635,16450)L(40000000,50):max-cll=0,0 -crf 20 -preset veryfast -pix_fmt yuv420p10le Converted.h265
  1. Disable X11 after booting:
$ sudo systemctl stop gdm
$ sudo loginctl terminate-seat seat0
  1. Run 08 sample:
08_video_dec_drm$ sudo ./video_dec_drm converted.265 H265 --disable-ui

For your use-case, you would like to boot the system and run in YUV mode. This is not supported by default. On default release, the system is booted in RGB mode and when we want to play a HDR stream, it switches to YUV mode. When playback ends, it goes back to RGB mode.

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I need to display YUV mode as soon as the system boots.
If KERNEL can not support then need to discuss the specification…
thanks for the reply

I think you misunderstood the kernel.
08_video_dec_drm is just a userspace code, it asks the kernel to output the YUV format, and kernel can do that.
It means the kernel supports YUV format.

The real things that do not support YUV mode is the Xorg driver. Which means the Ubuntu GUI you see does not support YUV mode.

Kernel does not actively decide which mode to use, it is the userspace tool to decide what mode to use and tell the kernel to use it.

thanks for the explanation …

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