Headed to GTC 2015?

Hi All - I just joined the the NVIDIA Accelerated Computing developer team and I’m excited to meet everyone at GTC (http://www.gputechconf.com) next week. Feel free to comment below if you’re going - it would be good to meet you face-to-face. There is a whole lot going on at GTC - below are a few highlights you should know about.

Keynotes are themed around Deep Learning
-Elon Musk will join Jen-Hsun Huang for the opening keynote on Tuesday at 9 A.M. to talk about self-driving cars and deep learning
-“Google’s Most Badass Engineer, Jeff Dean” and Andrew Ng, Chief Scientist of Baidu, will give the other keynotes to provide insights on the future of deep learning

Hands-on Training
Learn GPU Computing with Hands-On Labs at GTC 2015 - check out Mark Ebersole’s blog (http://bit.ly/18cKCs45) for the schedule of tracks, instructor led-labs, and self-paced labs.


Here’s “12 GTC 2015 Accelerated Computing Sessions Not to Miss” - http://bit.ly/1Bs7MpY

It’s back! Be sure to join the Meetup on Thursday, March 19th and network with other scientists, researchers and engineers using GPUs to accelerate their applications. Andrej Karpathy of Stanford University and Google Researcher will be the guest speaker – he will be talking about his Machine Learning and Deep Learning research: “Automated Image Captioning with ConvNets and Recurrent Nets”. Space is limited, so RSVP soon. http://bit.ly/19cLTAO

Again, please comment below if you’re coming out to GTC 2015.
See you there!

I’m excited to go. As of yesterday I was picking out sessions on the GTC 2015 website.

I’m experienced major problems with the website for the conference right now.

That aside, given my experience with NVidia I’m exited to attend and meet with the Optix team.

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At least something comes back.

I’m just hoping I didn’t lose all the selected sessions I set up, since the last pdf download only had Tuesday and Thursday (as opposed to all days previously)

Apologies for the website issues - I’ll send your comments to the web team. Did you lose your selected sessions?

Hope you have a great week and thank you for attending GTC!

My talk is right before that meetup ->

“S5575 - Real-Time Multi-Plane Tomosynthesis Using GPUs”

My apologies for the topic sounding intimidating, but it should be interesting since this dual-detector system is rather unique and will be used in animal trials at Stanford.

Basically my portion of the talk will be about the CUDA implementation of the Scanning Beam Digital X-Ray real-time reconstruction algorithm for this system.

I enjoy talking about actual code, so if you like that type of thing please stop by.

I will be around all week, and will cram in as many sessions as possible.

Thanks for the post!

Brad, thanks for addressing the webpage. All good. The sessions are there. I think the webservers were probably overloaded. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


The GTC Android app is very convenient!

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll add to my calendar. Also be sure to join us at the Meetup - it would be great to meet you!

i love NVIDIA.