Headless linux Rtx 2060 never enters Idle

Im running my rtx 2060 on a headless unRaid Server with nvidia drivers installed,
kernel: 4.19.107-Unraid.
my Card is just used for vm passthrough at the moment,
But according to nvidia smi it draws ~36w while not beeing used.
Performance state is p0, all the time it wont Change to P8.

If I enable persistence mode it changes to P8 but still sucks 25w of Power, which is a lot compared to the 11w Reviewers Claim.
Im measuring System consumption at the wall, where i see that 10w drop.

Anybody any ideas how to fix this?

Please enable the nvidia-persistenced to start on boot, make sure it is continuously running and check if that resolves the issue.
This is needed on headless and multi-gpu systems

That would be my solution b, so theres no possibility to lower the idle power draw then? That would strange if the idle power in a headless sytem still is 2.5 times more than in windows…

Why is this only suolution b)? The persistence damon is simply needed for the driver to correctly work. You can’t expect an incomplete driver install to correctly work. The (old, depreciated) equivalent would be setting driver persistence through nvidia-smi.

I understand that the daemon has to run, but I do not understand why it is still consuming 25w doing nothing then, while in windows in idle about 11w

So you have the daemon running but it still dowsn’t enter idle? That’s not normal, please run nvidia-bug-report.sh as root and attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to your post. You will have to rename the file ending to something else since the forum software doesn’t accept .gz files (nifty!).

When the daemon runs it enters “idle” and P8, but still consumes 25w, when the daemon is not running it consumes 35w because its in P0 then.

Please post the output of
nvidia-smi -q

==============NVSMI LOG==============

Timestamp : Mon Mar 30 12:43:56 2020
Driver Version : 440.59
CUDA Version : 10.2

Attached GPUs : 1
GPU 00000000:0C:00.0
Product Name : GeForce RTX 2060
Product Brand : GeForce
Display Mode : Enabled
Display Active : Disabled
Persistence Mode : Enabled
Accounting Mode : Disabled
Accounting Mode Buffer Size : 4000
Driver Model
Current : N/A
Pending : N/A
Serial Number : N/A
GPU UUID : GPU-30c0d8da-dec7-3f11-5db1-2b2ee69b8ebe
Minor Number : 0
VBIOS Version : 90.06.2E.00.2F
MultiGPU Board : No
Board ID : 0xc00
GPU Part Number : N/A
Inforom Version
Image Version : G001.0000.02.04
OEM Object : 1.1
ECC Object : N/A
Power Management Object : N/A
GPU Operation Mode
Current : N/A
Pending : N/A
GPU Virtualization Mode
Virtualization Mode : None
Host VGPU Mode : N/A
Relaxed Ordering Mode : N/A
Bus : 0x0C
Device : 0x00
Domain : 0x0000
Device Id : 0x1F0810DE
Bus Id : 00000000:0C:00.0
Sub System Id : 0x868F1043
GPU Link Info
PCIe Generation
Max : 3
Current : 1
Link Width
Max : 16x
Current : 16x
Bridge Chip
Type : N/A
Firmware : N/A
Replays Since Reset : 0
Replay Number Rollovers : 0
Tx Throughput : 0 KB/s
Rx Throughput : 0 KB/s
Fan Speed : 0 %
Performance State : P8
Clocks Throttle Reasons
Idle : Active
Applications Clocks Setting : Not Active
SW Power Cap : Not Active
HW Slowdown : Not Active
HW Thermal Slowdown : Not Active
HW Power Brake Slowdown : Not Active
Sync Boost : Not Active
SW Thermal Slowdown : Not Active
Display Clock Setting : Not Active
FB Memory Usage
Total : 5934 MiB
Used : 0 MiB
Free : 5934 MiB
BAR1 Memory Usage
Total : 256 MiB
Used : 3 MiB
Free : 253 MiB
Compute Mode : Default
Gpu : 0 %
Memory : 0 %
Encoder : 0 %
Decoder : 0 %
Encoder Stats
Active Sessions : 0
Average FPS : 0
Average Latency : 0
FBC Stats
Active Sessions : 0
Average FPS : 0
Average Latency : 0
Ecc Mode
Current : N/A
Pending : N/A
ECC Errors
SRAM Correctable : N/A
SRAM Uncorrectable : N/A
DRAM Correctable : N/A
DRAM Uncorrectable : N/A
SRAM Correctable : N/A
SRAM Uncorrectable : N/A
DRAM Correctable : N/A
DRAM Uncorrectable : N/A
Retired Pages
Single Bit ECC : N/A
Double Bit ECC : N/A
Pending Page Blacklist : N/A
GPU Current Temp : 45 C
GPU Shutdown Temp : 93 C
GPU Slowdown Temp : 90 C
GPU Max Operating Temp : 88 C
Memory Current Temp : N/A
Memory Max Operating Temp : N/A
Power Readings
Power Management : Supported
Power Draw : 25.82 W
Power Limit : 160.00 W
Default Power Limit : 160.00 W
Enforced Power Limit : 160.00 W
Min Power Limit : 105.00 W
Max Power Limit : 200.00 W
Graphics : 300 MHz
SM : 300 MHz
Memory : 405 MHz
Video : 540 MHz
Applications Clocks
Graphics : N/A
Memory : N/A
Default Applications Clocks
Graphics : N/A
Memory : N/A
Max Clocks
Graphics : 2130 MHz
SM : 2130 MHz
Memory : 7001 MHz
Video : 1950 MHz
Max Customer Boost Clocks
Graphics : N/A
Clock Policy
Auto Boost : N/A
Auto Boost Default : N/A
Processes : None

Everything looks fine, all throttled down, no usage at all, so it’s not explicable why it uses 25W. What brand/model is it? Did you check the power consuption while using Windows?

It is a Rtx 2060 Asus Strix Advanced,
Im using the quiet bios, also tried the performance one but nothing changed besides the fan curve.

In Windows i have 21w powerdraw idle?
Note thats in a Vm running on the unRaid server with gpu passthrough and driver 445.75. That shouldnt matter, right? Otherwise i can unmount one of my cache ssd drives to install windows there and try it with a bare metal installation of win.
Maybe its Asus fault? I didnt find a bios update from them…

Passthrough shouldn’t matter. There seems to be something odd with the vbios, maybe also ask at the nvidia windows forums if somebody with the same model observes the same results.

Thanks for your help, i will do that and hope i will find a solution there