Hello Guys.. I need your help. about using Basler Camera SDK on TX1

Hello Guys

(sorry for my poor English … English is not my mother language ^^;)

I’ve tried to make a machine vision system by using a Basler Camera and a Nvidia TX1

but I think Nvidia TX1 (ubuntu 14.04) system can’t complie Basler Camera SDK (pylon5) Example code

Becuz(I think) pylon5 seems not to support ARM x64 CPU… (TX1 has ARM x64 CPU right?)

so I’m really wondering about How can other peoples use Basler camera on Nvidia TX1

I apparently did read some post at here that they use basler cameras on Nvidia TX1

Is ther anybody who knows the answer about this question T.T


Yes, Pylon doesn’t support ARM 64bit, so if you want to use Pylon, you have to use the 32bit version of L4T.

the pylon5 beta version has supported linux arm 64 bit