Basler USB 3 camera and Pylon Software

I’m new to Nano and any developer platform for that matter. I have the Nano and successfully flashed the microSD card, viewed still and live images with a Logitech webcam. I now want to pair it with a Basler USB 3 acA2040-55uc camera. Which pylon software should I download Windows, Linux x86, Linux ARM from the Basler website? I assume I download the software to the microSD card and reboot?
I’m sure this is very basic, but I’m not familiar with code or programming. Appreciate anyone’s assistance.

Hi, By default we support UVC driver. You may try to contact the camera vendor.

Found two relevant topics:

Hello DaneLLL, thank you for the reply. I’ll look on the Basler website for the UVC driver, but what does UVC stand for? Is the driver irrespective of the OS?
As well, is the connection to a Basler camera the same for Jetson TX2 as it is for Jetson Nano? The two topics you referenced were for TX2 and I have a Nano.

Thank you again.