Help for boost my Jetson Nano project

Hey guys!

My name is Leo. I know this is not the right forum for posting this, so please sorry about that but honestly I did’t know where to post it and I’m working with some Nanos, so… better here :)

I need an advice: I have developed a product using Jetson Nano Dev Kit and I want to move forward in this project, so I want to start showing it to my potential customers, but I would like to talk with someone in NVIDIA for present it to them: I’d like to tell my clients I’m a NVIDIA partner, do more developments in this environment, get some help buying parts (basically Jetson Nanos), etc… I want some help from NVIDIA for boost my potential business.

Some time ago I filled a form in the NVIDIA webpage for a partnership program, but I never received any reply :(

Could somebody give me a somebody’s contact to present my project? or give me an advice to contact directly to NVIDIA? Thank you anyway

Best regards!

May I know your company name or the URL for the company?
Then I can forward to internal team to have further suggestions.


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Thank you kayccc! I’ll send you a DM with this info :) :) :)

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