Help getting CUDA to work with an array of structs Passing a struct array to and from a global kerna

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Hi everyone, I am having some difficulty getting a struct array to pass from to the kernal call. I am able to pass the struct to and from the .cu file in the main function called by my c++ program, but once I send it to CUDA the values seem to be lost.

The following is the code which pertains to this problem (I apologize for any errata, I did my best to strip out what was unnecessary and keep the important parts but I may have missed a variable definition or five :smile: ):

Here are the struct declarations:

typedef struct D3DXVECTOR3 {

  FLOAT x;

  FLOAT y;

  FLOAT z;


typedef struct D3DXVECTOR4 {

  FLOAT x;

  FLOAT y;

  FLOAT z;

  FLOAT w;


using namespace std;

struct vertexStruct


    D3DXVECTOR3 Pos;

    D3DXVECTOR4 Color;


This is so I it can read in the directX struct types. This part seems to work for the regular function call.

Then, I call the function which looks like this (grid and block are set to 1 for debugging purposes):

void fillvertices( vertexStruct vertices [], const int WIDTH, const int HEIGHT, float TriScale)




	D3DXVECTOR4 color;

	D3DXVECTOR4 color2;

	color.x = 0.0f;

	color.y = 0.0f;

	color.z = 1.0f;

	color.w = 0.0f;

	color2.x = 0.0f;

	color2.y = 0.0f;

	color2.z = 1.0f;

	color2.w = 0.0f;

	std::ifstream f_DataFile;"height.bmp", std::ios::binary);

	 int div = 3;

if (f_DataFile.is_open())


		 int grid = 1;

		 int block = 1;

		kernelRun<<<grid,block>>>(vertices, WIDTH, HEIGHT, TriScale, div, color, color2);


        MessageBox(NULL,"HeighData file not found!","FillVertices()",MB_OK);




Then the global kernel call is this:

__global__ void kernelRun(vertexStruct input [], const int WIDTH, const int HEIGHT, float TriScale, int div, D3DXVECTOR4 color, D3DXVECTOR4 color2) 


    int y = 1;//1 for debugging				

    int x = 1;//1 for debugging	

	//first triangle

	int tot = y + x*WIDTH;

	int divx = x/div;

	int divy = y/div;

	tot = 0;

	divy = 0;

	divx = 0;



						input[tot].Pos.x = divy*TriScale;

						input[tot].Pos.y = divx*TriScale;

						input[tot].Pos.z = 0;

                input[y + x*WIDTH].Color = color;




						input[tot+1].Pos.x = divy;

						input[tot+1].Pos.y = (divx+1)*TriScale;

						input[tot+1].Pos.z = 0;

                input[tot+1].Color = color;




						input[tot+2].Pos.x = (divy+1)*TriScale;

						input[tot+2].Pos.y = (divx)*TriScale;

						input[tot+2].Pos.z = 0;

                input[tot+2].Color = color;



WIDTH and HEIGHT are set to 1024 each, div is 3, TriScale is 5, , and all values worked previously sequentially. It is basically a 1024x1024 grid of coordinates which I am trying to pass back to directX. If I can get this to work, I should be able to instance a very nice Parallax Occlusion effect and make a realistic, fast vegetation engine.

Thank you in advance and I’ll keep everyone updated on my progress!


Also, the problem is that it runs, but variables seem not to be transferred from the kernel version of the struct as I only see the backdrop and no triangle.

I seem to have sorted the problem for now. It was a combination of things (isn’t it always?) - my card seems to support up to 512x512 thread x blocks. Additionally, I actually needed to pass a memory pointer to the cuda function and also change around the code. If anyone is having similar problems just ask here, post your code, and I’ll see if I can help! I am a neophyte programmer, but I am acquainted with graphics cards and 3d environments, mostly through games and modding, and hopefully will be able to point you in the right direction.