Help ... -lpgc not found

I have another problem now.
I’m compiling the meteorological model eta and tells me not find-LPGC.
I searched in / opt/pgi/linux86/10.0/lib and only appears libpgc.ipl
What is happening?
My system is mandriva powerpack 2010, 32 bit, gcc 4.1.1.

Hi angelo1903,

We have different versions of libpgc.a for different versions of libc. The exact version is used is determined at installation. Most likely since you’re using an unsupported OS, the installer doesn’t recognize it and isn’t copying these files over from the installation tree.

What you’ll need to do is manually copy the “libpgc.a” and “” files to your installation. You’re most likely also missing some header files. Try untaring the installation package then copy the following files:

cp linux86/10.0/lib-linux86-g232/*  /opt/pgi/linux86/10.0/lib
cp linux86/10.0/include-gcc41/* /opt/pgi/linux86/10.0/include

Hope this helps,