compiling program with PGI712 on Mandriva 2008


Now I am runing under Mandriva 2008, and i had this proiblem:

pgf90-Error-Please run makelocalrc to complete your installation
and when i try your solution here it said:

/opt/pgi/linux86/7.1-2/bin/makelocalrc: line 121: strings: command not found
ERROR: unknown glibc version ().

Hi Nordine,

Perhaps Mandriva 2008 you install does not have gcc instaled.

Make sure you have gnu linker, header files, and libraries installed. PGI compilers need those.


[root@localhost lmtart_4review]# make
/opt/pgi/linux86/7.1-2/bin/pgf90 -Mextend -O2 -c -o mod_common.o mod_common.f
Your PGI license doesn’t appear to be working properly.

  1. If you installed a trial version, please generate and then install
    your trial keys at:

To generate your trial keys, you will need your host ID.

Your hostid is 001485c0d289

If you installed a trial version and your keys have expired, you
can request a trial extension by contacting

  1. If you purchased a license, but have not yet installed your
    permanent license keys, please generate and then install your
    permanent keys at:

To log in you’ll need your PGI PIN and password; these were e-mailed
to the person who purchased this software. To generate your
permanent keys, you’ll also need your host ID.

Your hostid is 001485c0d289

Please contact for purchase related inquiries.

  1. If you have installed your license keys and you are still receiving
    this message, further diagnosis is required. For help on license
    debugging, please check these resources:

a. Review the PGI installation notes at:

b. Visit the PGI installation FAQ page at:

c. Send mail with a description to PGI licensing support at:

make: *** [mod_common.o] Error 2
[root@localhost lmtart_4review]#


Not sure what your question is. You need a license to run it a compiler. Either a demo license or permanent license.


hi hongyon,

Like you can see i finished by get the installation on Mandriva 2008, but like i did installed PGI on windows last time, now they say that they won’t gives me the licence till 6 months, but i am now under linux
please help me witrh this;

Hi Nordine,

You are right. We only give 1 demo license for 6 month/person. Please contact for license.