help on radiography simulation

i’m new in cuda, and i’d like to implement a radiographic simulator , but i don’t know how to proceed… i need to implement a sort of “ray producer”( maybe a sort of ray tracer??), a grid of attenuation values (that simulate the volume, f.e. the body) and a way to simulate the film, that is the result from ray power less attenuation values . anyone could help me? ideas, suggestions? :unsure:


Well, it’s hard to give concrete advice since I don’t totally understand task. If the propagation of a ray is the basic parallel task, then it would make sense to write a kernel where each thread is responsible for one ray. The grid of attenuation values sounds like a perfect fit for a 3D texture, but unfortunately we do not have access to 3D textures from CUDA. The hardware supports 3D textures, but the CUDA interface has not be written yet. (No idea when it will be ready) For now, you’d probably have to use a bunch of 2D textures to represent your volumetric data.

yes, i think that the power of CUDA should be used during the tracing of the rays… i can simulate the 3d space using x,y,z values, than i need to create an object that simulate the ray tracer, an object that simulate the grid of values ( that contains the position of the object and the attenuation values… maybe a sort of array or list) and an object that simulate the film, that should make a simple subtraction between the value of the ray tracer’s power and the value of the grid…the work is “only” that… but i don’t know how to proceed, first of all i need to find a way to implement the ray tracer… how can i utilise CUDA to generate a ray tracer?