HEVC 10 bit does not run in Hardware decoding at Ubuntu Linux

I’m glad to joint to your group to improve my knowledge.

I install ubuntu 16.04 LTS, after upgrade ubuntu, I install the latest driver of GTX 1070, everything was ok.
When I want to run HEVC (X265) movies by MPV, It can’t run it by HardWare Accelerator, only it can handle X264 movies by H/W Accelerator.
What’s the problem. It’s depend on software? or something else. I try another driver like 367.35 but the results was the same.We know that this card can support HEVC on windows.
System spec:
VGA Strix GTX 1070
Ram 16 trident Z DDR 3200
MAINBOARD Asus maximus viii ranger
Any help appreciated.

Unfortunately , no HW decode for HEVC 10 bits for linux with Nvidia cards actually :(
Lack of VDPAU support from Nvidia , and I think , dont expect to release an update in the near future.
I switch to Nvidia Shield for Kodi and HEVC 10 bits decode , works perfectly

No VDPAU, but CUVID/NvDecode works. Supported in ffmpeg and mpv. Select the ‘cuda’ hwdec, assuming you have new enough builds.

ok , but how select ‘cuda’ hwdec in kodi instead of vdpau ?

but, be sure that kodi supports hevc 10 bit through cuvid/nvdecode

I suspect it will implement only in kodi 18, but need to re-check

kodi doesn’t support cuvid, and probably never will. Developers don’t want to add more and more hardware APIs.