What is the Missing Puzzle Piece for 10-bit HEVC support on Linux with Nvidia?

I’m new to this, but I know people have been trying for a long time to play 10-bit HEVC video on Linux with Nvidia.

I have Kodi 18.9 installed on Ubuntu 20.04 with a GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER.

From what I know, Nvidia has finally implemented 10-bit HEVC support in vdpau as evidenced by vdpauinfo on my setup:

HEVC_MAIN 153 262144 8192 8192
HEVC_MAIN_10 153 262144 8192 8192
HEVC_MAIN_STILL — not supported —
HEVC_MAIN_12 153 262144 8192 8192
HEVC_MAIN_444 153 262144 8192 8192

vainfo does not show any support for 10-bit HEVC or HVEC at all, but that’s not surprising since my motherboard dates to 2009.

I know that vdpau 1.4 now supports 10-bit HEVC (https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/vdpau/lib...leases/1.4) and even ffmpeg supports hardware accelerated 10-bit HEVC playback (FFmpeg | NVIDIA Developer)

I’m still seeing ff-hevc (SW) on playback. I would expect to see ff-hevc-vdpau (HW) if it was working, correct?

So what is that last piece of the puzzle for me to enable hardware accelerated playback of 10-bit HEVC on Kodi?

I’m going out of my mind trying to find a solution for this.

Thank you in advance for any information.