Nvidia Video Codec SDK 8.0 released

What’s New in Video Codec SDK 8.0

[b]10/12-bit decoding support with HEVC/VP9[/b], enabling end-to-end HDR transcoding
Improved quality via weighted prediction
Support for OpenGL inputs (Linux only)

Been decoding HEVC 10 bit/VP9 for months via mpv CUDA.
Where is proper VDPAU support? I don’t want my graphics card to consume 40W for a 480p video just because CUDA prevents downclocking…

Any news about HEVC support?

HEVC_MAIN_10 — not supported —
HEVC_MAIN_STILL — not supported —
HEVC_MAIN_12 — not supported —
HEVC_MAIN_444 — not supported —

Hi, there are some problems when executing the sample code in video codec 8.0.

Execution Enviroment:

  1. Ubuntu 16.10, 32-bit OS
  2. Driver Version: 390.25
  3. Geforce GTX 1050


./NvEncoderGLInterop HeavyHand_1080p.yuv -o output.h264 -size 1920 1080

NvEncoderCudaInterop works well, but NvEncoderGLInterop does not.

Segmentation fault occurs:

nvStatus = m_pEncodeAPI->nvEncOpenEncodeSessionEx(&openSessionExParams, &m_hEncoder);
    if (nvStatus != NV_ENC_SUCCESS)

Any one know the reason?