Video Codec SDK 12.0 and Optical Flow SDK 4.0 released

NVIDIA Video Codec SDK 12.0.16 and Optical Flow SDK 4.0.11 is now available with following enhancements:

Encode features:

  • Support for fully hardware accelerated AV1 encode on Ada GPUs.
  • Support for 8k@60fps encode for AV1 and HEVC.

Decode features:

  • Support to extract SEI messages from nvcuvid parser.

Optical Flow features:

  • NVIDIA Optical Flow engine-assisted video frame rate up conversion (NvOFFRUC) library and API
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) support
  • ADA - 80% reduction in the number of SW kickoffs from Display Driver to GPU.
  • ADA - Optimized Compute engine with 80% reduction in blits resulting in lesser number of context switches
  • ADA - 2.5x performance improvement over Ampere generation GPUs
  • ADA - 15% quality improvement .

Please visit the following pages for more information and to download the latest packages. (request access via this form)
NVIDIA Video Codec SDK Documentation (request access via this form)
NVIDIA Optical Flow SDK Documentation

Could you please also add the previous Version 11 to the archive version download page?

I am not able to download it anymore.

Thank you!

Please check now. Archive page is fixed.

Thank you Mandar_godse