Video Codec SDK 12.1 released

NVIDIA Video Codec SDK 12.1.14 is now available with following enhancements:

Encode features:

  • Support for iterative encoding i.e. encoding same frame multiple times with a different QP values without advancing encoding state.
  • Support to access NVENC’s reconstructed frame.
  • Support to retrieve encoded frame stats at row and block level.
  • Support to invoke lookahead explicitly via new API.
  • Support for CABR (Content Adaptive Bit Rate) acceleration using NVENC API
  • Support to explicitly enable or disable split frame encoding using a new API.
  • Sample application to demonstrate accelerated file compression (AppEncMultiInstance) by using multiple NVENCs.

Hi. My team is very interested in the iterative encoding and ReCon features.
Will this be opened up to other companies besides Beamr?
Is there any sample code?

This functionality is available to anyone who wants to implement this in their own application. You can refer to the documentation provided in the API header file.

If you have any further questions or need additional help, feel free to reach out to me.