Video SDK 12?

Dear Nvidia support,

The current video SDK webpage specifically mentions the existence of video SDK 12.0 on this page: NVIDIA VIDEO CODEC SDK | NVIDIA Developer

Quoted with these lines:
Introducing AV1 encoding with Video Codec SDK 12.0 on NVIDIA’s Ada architecture.

The latest downloadable version seems to be Video Codec SDK 11.1

Is Video Codec SDK 12.0 available?

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Hello @nvidiaopdl0 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

If I may quote the same announcement:

Video Codec SDK 12.0 will support evenly distributing loads across multiple encoders, enabling real-time 8k60 encoding for AV1 and HEVC formats.

The SDK has not been publicly released yet. As soon as it is there will be an announcement in the form of a pinned message in this forum, as well as a technical blog again.

There is no official release date that I can share.

I hope that answers your question.

Thank you for your interest in this feature!

I’m trying to read an 8k60 HEVC file with the NVidia Codec SDK 12 and the decoding is failing, I can provide you my videos to test with if you like ?

The 3 callback functions are never called:

videoParserParameters.pfnSequenceCallback = HandleVideoSequenceProc;
videoParserParameters.pfnDecodePicture = HandlePictureDecodeProc;
videoParserParameters.pfnDisplayPicture = HandlePictureDisplayProc;

Is the NVidia Codec SDK 12 support Matroska WebM file format ?