Video Codec SDK 10.0 and Optical Flow SDK 2.0 released

Video Codec SDK 10.0.26 and Optical Flow SDK 2.0.23 are now available with following enhancements:

  • Video Codec SDK 10.0 features:

    • New H.264 NVENC presets for improved flexibility and granularity
    • Finer control of rate control modes
    • Use-case Setting (also referred to as Tuning information)
    • NVDEC Support for GA100
  • Optical Flow SDK 2.0 features:

    • Support for A100 GPU, with improved optical flow hardware engine, independent of NVENC
    • Increased accuracy in flow vector’s cost, which indicates the confidence of the vector
    • Ability to get flow vectors for a specific region of interest
    • Hardware optical-flow-assisted object tracker library

Please visit the following pages for more information and to download the latest packages.