Return error when i use NV Optical Flow API

Hi, I try to use Nvidia Optical flow SDK in window 10.

i use Visual Studio 2015, i can build the code but cannot acquire result.

i dont know how to upload image on Topics.

Please check this and let me know if you know how to fix it.

ps. i build NVOF with cmake, and I run AppofCuda.exe, then same message occurs.

Can you provide more details to help internal reproduction. Which GPU, SDK and driver version you used.


Thanks for reply ,
I use GTX 1080TI, and try to use “Optical_Flow_SDK_1.0.13”,
graphic driver 442.92 & CUDA toolkit 10.1,
in Window 10 OS
( i try CUDA 10.2 but occur same error )

Thanks you again

I use GTX 1080TI
GTX 1080Ti is based on Pascal family GPU. Optical Flow SDK is supported on Turing and above GPUs only.


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