Video Codec SDK 7.0 released!

The Video Codec SDK includes a complete set of high-performance tools, samples and documentation for hardware accelerated video encode and decode on Windows and Linux.

What’s new in Video Codec SDK 7.0

  • HEVC 8K (8192 pixels x 8192 pixels) encoding *
  • HEVC 4:4:4 encoding *
  • HEVC 10-bit encoding *
  • HEVC lossless encoding *
  • HEVC Sample Adaptive Offset (SAO) *
  • HEVC Motion-Estimation-(ME)-only mode *
  • HEVC (up to 8K) decoding *
  • VP9 (up to 8K) decoding *
  • HEVC long term reference (LTR) frame support
  • Asynchronous H.264 Motion-Estimation-(ME)-only mode
  • Look-ahead
  • Improved H.264 spatial adaptive quantization
  • H.264 temporal adaptive quantization
  • Rate control and quality improvements

* These features require Pascal generation GPUs.

Download Video Codec SDK 7.0 and learn more at


We’re interested in integrating real time video recording & playback into our application. Our video resolution is 5120 by 3840 with 12-bit pixel depth. We will be using a GeForce 1080. The NVENC API with HEVC encoding appears to be a good fit. However the SDK does not appear to support deep color decoding (10 or 12-bit depth). Will HEVC deep color decoding be supported in the near future (next 4-5 months)?

Maximizing image detail is critical (at 30 fps) for our application. We are also applying transformations such as tone mapping that stretch regions of the color space. So deep color support is also important. Any advice on how to use the Hardware decoder would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately we cannot publicly commit on any future capabilities however I hope you have noticed that we have updated the information on our Video Codec SDK website and our Pascal GPUs now offer limited 10-bit and 12-bit capabilities. Please take a look at the capabilities of Pascal GPUs in the Encode and Decode tables below.

Encode capabilities

Decode capabilities