Video Nvidia Codec SDK7.0 HEVC 8K encoder Performance

Hello, We Plan to test HEVC 8K encoder with Codec SDK 7.0.

CPU: Intel I7 6700, GPU: GTX 1070

  1. Does Codec SDK7.0 support GTX 1070? support HEVC 8K encoder?
  2. Does you Provide Codec SDK7.0 HEVC 8K encoder performance data? etc, encoder Delay…

What’s new in Video Codec SDK 7.0
HEVC 8K (8192 pixels x 8192 pixels) encoding
HEVC 4:4:4 encoding
HEVC 10-bit encoding
HEVC lossless encoding
HEVC Sample Adaptive Offset (SAO)
HEVC Motion-Estimation-(ME)-only mode
HEVC (up to 8K) decoding
VP9 (up to 8K) decoding
HEVC long term reference (LTR) frame support
Asynchronous H.264 Motion-Estimation-(ME)-only mode
Improved H.264 spatial adaptive quantization
H.264 temporal adaptive quantization
Rate control and quality improvements

So question 1 is a YES

Encoder quality+performance(fps)+latency depends on encoder configuration (~10 parameters or using parameter presets like NV_ENC_PRESET_LOW_LATENCY_DEFAULT_GUID).
The expected performance per chip (GTX1070 = GP104-200 = Pascal) is in application note [url][/url] (presented values for 1920x1080/YUV4:2:0, 8 bit). But be aware, the performance depends also on bus width and frequency and some chips have two encoding units so you must test it with your card. (Update: number of encoders now published [url][/url])

The values from the application note are about what I get, so it is a good reference.
However for live HEVC encoding quality is not as good as eg x265. It is really missing b frames :(