Video Codec SDK 12.2 released

NVIDIA Video Codec SDK 12.2.72 is now available with following enhancements:

Encode features:

  1. UHQ Tuning Info: The new tuning info gives best quality in latency tolerant use cases (supported for HEVC only).

  2. Lookahead Level: Increased lookahead analysis to improve quality (supported for HEVC only).

  3. Temporal Filtering: Helps filter out noise to improve compression efficiency (supported for HEVC only).

  4. Unidirectional B Frames: Use of unidirectional B frames instead of P frames to improve quality, especially useful in Latency sensitive use cases (Supported for HEVC only).

  5. Higher Bit Depth Encoding: Encode 8-bit content as 10 bit (supported for HEVC and AV1).

Decode Features :

  1. SEI message Extraction: SEI messages are extracted from the input files when NVCUVID parser is used.