NVENC and 780 TI

I’m running the following:

GTX 780 ti

NVENC version 3 (non-beta)

cuda 5.5 (not sure if this matters)

driver version 332.21

but the nvEncodeApp sample produces the following error as shown below. What is the problem?

ncoder_64d -configFile=HeavyHand_1080p.txt -outfile=HeavyHandIdiot.3sec.264

GetNumberEncoders() has detected 1 CUDA capable GPU device(s) <<
[ GPU #0 - < GeForce GTX 780 Ti > has Compute SM 3.5, NVENC Available ]

InitCUDA() has detected 1 CUDA capable GPU device(s)<<
[ GPU #0 - < GeForce GTX 780 Ti > has Compute SM 3.5, Available NVENC ]

Select GPU #0 - < GeForce GTX 780 Ti > supports SM 3.5 and NVENC
File: src\CNVEncoder.cpp, Line: 1754, nvEncOpenEncodeSessionEx() returned with e
rror 21
Note: GUID key may be invalid or incorrect. Recommend to upgrade your drivers a
nd obtain a new key
NVENC error at src\CNVEncoder.cpp:1756 code=21(NVENC Feature not available for c
urrent license key type) “nvStatus”

Do you fix this problem?

Well if you don’t have a NVENC capable card it’s not going to work, (a.k.a. driver problem)
I believe only Quadro,Tesla and GRID cards have NVENC chip, there is no key required.