Help: NVENC_2.0 video encoder sample does not run on GTX680

I got driver 319.xx driver installed along with CUDA 5 toolkit on a Linux Desktop machine with PCIe 2.0 and DDR3 memory. Basic CUDA samples ran fine. But the encoder app nvEncodeApp returned the following error: NVENC error at src/CNVEncoder.cpp:1382 code=21(NVENC Feature not available for current license key type) “nvStatus”. Questions:

  • What license and where to get it?
  • Is this specially for GTX680?
  • Where to apply the license to the installation?

BTW, it’s MSI GTX680 graphics card.

No help so far from here. I’m using almost the latest driver. According to the error message, I should try to get the latest driver and new license. I wonder maybe the symlinks I made somehow made the software to look at the wrong place to access the license. But I don’t know it is supposed to be. Sigh.