NVENC geforce card Linux


recently nvidia started supporting NVENC on kepler geforce cards, driver version 334.67 (I think) for windows, however the available 334.21 for linux did not. However recently 337 beta version was released for both windows and Linux, which should support NVENC.

However when i try the samples in the SDK I get errors, I located the place in code and the problem seems to be initialization of the encoder, the error code states that one or more parameters is invalid. It doesn’t specify which or why. I’m compiling out of the box and running the supplied config and source files (I did modify it to print an error string based on a return value to diagnose).

In prior driver versions the problem was always related to alleged lack of license keys. THis was then found out to be related to lack of support for the geforce family of cards (Only Tesla and other supported).

Has anyone else tried this? My card is a 760.
Have I missunderstood the availability of NVENC on consumer-cards?
Or alternately, is it just not fully supported on Linux yet?

It seems like NVEnc requires a Quadro/Tesla/Grid card:

I had the same issue, sadly the Quatro also seems to fail under Linux.

$ sh 1080p_heavyhand_3sec.sh

GetNumberEncoders() has detected 1 CUDA capable GPU device(s) <<
[ GPU #0 - < Quadro K620 > has Compute SM 5.0, NVENC Available ]

InitCUDA() has detected 1 CUDA capable GPU device(s)<<
[ GPU #0 - < Quadro K620 > has Compute SM 5.0, Available NVENC ]

Select GPU #0 - < Quadro K620 > supports SM 5.0 and NVENC

nvEncoder Error: NVENC H.264 encoder initialization failure! Check input params!