HEVC encoding on live camera stream from alliend vision using multimedia api


I am trying to implement a HEVC encoder using the camera stream. I started with sample code reference under 01_video_Encode. This code is not structured in way to do what I want. I tried to restructure the code to format the input to I P P P … streams. But keep on getting the capture plane Dqing error. Any sample code or example code that I can refer to solve this issue. Also FYI, I am not planning on using Gstreamer for issue, I want to get this done with Multimedia API.

Ajay Nallani

Would like to know what type of camera you are using, so that we can suggest next. Do you use Bayer sensor through Argus stack? Or YUV sensor through v4l2 interface?

I am using an allied vision camera, I am providing debayered frame as input to the encoder. This debayered frame is structured as BGRA byte array. I am converting this BGRA array to YUV format.

01_video_encode sample should be a complete sample for video encoding. Beside it, you can also check


And this patch to 12 sample:
How to use v4l2 to capture videos in Jetson Orin r35 Jetpack 5.0 and encode them using a hardware encoding chip - #8 by DaneLLL

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