Hi all, can i Use nv80 to compress video data?

I need 2 compress several a/v HD channels using 8800 gts, is it possible/worth 2 do? and how? win/linux :ph34r:

Sure, video compression is one of the tasks that can be nicely accelerated on the GPU. Porting the codecs might be a lot of work though.

Thank you, this thing i supposed to do with g80, i asked to be sure it will work well, as I’m not a programmer, so i can’t realize porting codecs by myself or to be sure in success doing this

You may want to contact Angstrom Microsystems in Boston, MA. They recently demonstrated a video transcoding system that compressed the video on the GPU faster than the video could be decompressed on the CPU. They are developing GPU applications as part of their Green Computing initiative. Neat idea… use GPUs to do more compute, cut down the number of machines needed, and save power.