how to move video processing to GPU? complete lode isa on CPU want to shift it to GPU

Hi Guys,

I have Nvidia 8800 Gt with 1GB memory on it an AMD dualcore 2Gig processor, 4 gb ram Windious vista Ultimate SP1 and the lates Nvidia Drivers. but when i play an HD video 60% Of both the cores of my CP are showing as used and i dont have a slightest ideo on how to transfer the load to GPU, i have searched complete net and tried even CUDA but nothing works, can an one help me in this regards ASAP.


You will need to use a program that supports CUDA.

which programm??/

I have no clue if there are programs that do this, I just wanted to point out that a program has to support CUDA to be able to have benefit.

If you’re watching HD video and getting lag, you need to get some codecs that support NVidia’s PureVideo HD technology. I believe that CyberLink PowerDVD 8 has this. Dunno about anything free though…