HMM support in driver

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I have installed Jerome Glisse’s kernel with HMM support ( (see also

I’m using driver 381.22. Should I expect this driver to be able to use the HMM capabilities of the kernel?

float *gpuData = static_cast<float*>( malloc( sizeof(float)*size));
CUDA_CHECK_RETURN(cudaMemcpy(gpuData, data, sizeof(float)*size, cudaMemcpyHostToDevice));

The above code throws an error. I think if the driver were HMM-aware the above code would succeed. Is that correct?

And assuming the answer is “the 381.22 driver is not HMM-aware”, is there a HMM-aware driver I might use?

Thank you!

Edit: I’m using a GTX 1080Ti

Thanks for reporting this issue. We would like to reproduce for investigation. OR Track this support or bug.

What option did you used to compile this test program? Is it .c , .cpp , .cu program?

>>It succeeds if you set HMM = 0; it fails if HMM = 1.
What is expected and unexpected results when compiling and executing this test program?

Can I get nvidia bug report of your system?


Did anyone successfully run HMM in NVIDIA driver and Linux with the latest NVIDIA driver on Pascal or other GPUs? If you did, which GPU/ driver version/ Linux version did you use?