Horizon View 8 - will vPC work?

We’re testing NVIDIA in our Horizon View 8 environment and liking it. We are using the vWS license with A16 but I’m interested to know if the vPC license would work with Horizon 8 and what GPU card is recommended for general productivity office apps. Thanks

Your use case is a typical use case for vPC licensing and A16 GPU. Only if you need more than 2GB of FB per VM or you have apps that require CUDA you would need to use vWS licensing.

Thank you for the response, can you point me to the appropriate documentation for this? More details about our environment - Horizon View 8, non-persistent instant clones, vSphere 7 for now.

I mention all this because the partner coordinating the evaluation said that the vWS was required, and that the vPC wouldn’t work, or wouldn’t be supportable, etc. They all but blamed NVIDIA for making it so that to do what we wanted we had to buy the more expensive license. We’ve tested with 1GB and 2GB profiles and users are happy with either.

You could have a look at: https://images.nvidia.com/data-center/sizing-guide-nvidia-virtual-pc.pdf
Simply change from Q to B profile and if everything works as expected you have the proof that vPC is fully sufficient.

Thanks for the link. I changed my base image to 1B, scheduled the pool, and when I login it is using a Virtual PC license. So from this it appears the vGPU software installed in the base image does work with the Virtual PC license. Is this a supported configuration or are there any caveats? I ask not to be a knucklehead but because the partner said something about this not being supported (vGPU with the Virtual PC license) and something about SVGA or dVGA - I forget the exact details, but essentially talking us off the virtual PC and onto the virtual Workstation licenses, which didn’t make sense but they said the A16 all but required virtual WS for our configuration. Or if you know that this was something that effected earlier versions and has since changed that would be good to know. Thanks again, it makes the solution affordable if the virtual PC license works.

For sure it works and is fully supported. It is even the recommended license for your use case! As I wrote earlier, only limitation would be CUDA apps or higher FB demand.

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