License Assignment Virtual Workstation vs. Virtual PC (Registry or “Golden Image” Soluti

Hi Nvidia Engineers,
The Grid License World was easy with K1 and K2 Cards :-)

Infrastructure Informations :

  • Tesla M60 Cards VMWare 6.0 (Host Driver 6.0 367.64) OS Grid Drivers 369.17

I Have 3x differtent Citrix vGPU Infrastuctures with one shared License Server (Version 2015.09.0)

  • Use Case: “Demo and Sales” XD 7.8 / Win10 Biuld 10586 Use Case: “POC & Sizing” XD 7.8 / Win10 Biuld 10586 Customer Infra: XD 7.12 / Win 10 Biuld LTSB

The Challenge

  • Demo/Sales and POC Infrastructure needs Virtual Workstation License Customer Infra needs Virtual PC License


  • The VM’s “Pull Randomly” a correct Nvidia License, but unfortunately sometimes Virtual Workstation or Virtual PC

Wish with the shared License Server

  • Need a mechanism to automaticly define which vm (1x Golden Image per Infrastructure) released which license

Tests (NVIDIA Grid Licensing User Guide – Page 14 - Topic applying windows license settings via registry)

  • Registry Keys don’t working for me – Feature Type or LicenseInfo I don’t see the License Edition Feature in the NVIDIA Control Panel

Any Good Solution for this Problem?

Thx for Support

Best Regards Sascha

Hi Sascha,

you don’t need to choose the license edition from the VM level as you have already choosen the vGPU profile typpe with using a vPC or a vWS profile for the given VM. If the VM uses a vPC profile as example it should check-out a vPC license from license-server. Only if there are no vPC licenses available any more it should check-out a vWS license.
I’ve not heard yet of a random behavior how you described above.

Best regards