host machine development vs. on board development?

Except for flashing the board and initial install of the OS and dev samples, do most people develop directly on the carrier board?

The JTX1 kernel compile is best via cross compile due to supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit (there are two compilers required, but installing the second compiler on the Jetson would require adding a foreign architecture…this tends to be messy at best for anything other than desktop 64-bit supporting 32-bit compatibility…ARM 64-bit and 32-bit mix in a single environment does not really exist).

If you just want to develop purely 64-bit user space, then building on the Jetson is probably easier. I don’t use JetPack due to using a Fedora host, but something like nsight eclipse somewhat blurs the distinction by doing some parts on host and still running on the Jetson.