How can get the source code of cublas

Hi all,

I have several questions about CUBLAS.

  1. I wonder if the sources of cublas has been released and how I can get them? What’s the newest version of cublas whose sources have been released?

  2. Is cublas combined with CUDA sdk? In other words, if I installed a new version of sdk, does that mean I also installed a new version of cublas?

  3. How can I check the version of cublas I installed under linux?


The source of a 1.x release was made available to registered developers a while ago. Nothing more recent.

No cublas is not combined with the SDK.

cublas is supplied in the CUDA toolkit, and the version you have is always the same as the toolkit you are building with and linking against. If you are using cuda 3.2, you are using cublas 3.2.

Thank you for your so prompt reply! I got it.

Can you tell me how to get it? Thank you in advance.

I have to revive this post after many years. I try to obtain source code of cuBLAS.
I did register on NVIDIA site as a developer, but I still cannot find where to get the source code.
Can someone direct me? Thank you so much in advance!

CUBLAS is not an open-source library, and the source code for it is not published by NVIDIA.

Furthermore, much of it is written in SASS and not cuda, so it’s not very useful for most people outside of nvidia. You could try to disassemble and understand the code, though, as Scott gray has done.

Can anyone clarify my questions?

  1. The cublas functions (cublas_v2.h) are cuda kernels or host device functions?
  2. When use dynamic parallelism device functions count as depth or only kernels?
  3. cudaLimitMallocHeapSize is unique for a kernel or all kernels launched?