How can I get a Revolute(hinge)-Joint's angle , angle velocity & axis in PhysX 3.2 SDK?

Hello every one ,
Recently I developed a 12-DOF robot simulation with PhysX 3.2.1 SDK ,and come up with a problem :
During control of the robot , I need some feedback information from the revolute-joint,
such as the revolute-joint’current angle/angle velocity/axis(in global coordination)
Before using PhysX engine I was using the ODE ,and I can use some function in ODE such as dHingeJointGetAngle()/dHingeJointGetAxis() to get the information,
but in physX 3.2 I can’t find such member function in PxRevoluteJoint class
(I hope it like this =.= :
I wonder if there’re some function like that in PhysX 3? Or I have to calculate the joint angle with my poor math T.T