How can I read and write "raw" image file?

Now Im programming for medical image reconstruction like CT or MRI…

In gerneral C code, I can read and write raw files just using “fopen fread fwrite”.

But Is there any image read function in CUDA? like “Cuda_PGM_reader”…

Or Can I use “fopen” built in function?

How can I Image processing using CUDA? How can I write to image files…

I must be crazy because of CUDA…

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You do not use CUDA to do these things, those things you just do in plain C. It is just some offloading of heavy calculations to GPU. So you do :

in C
load your data
upload data to GPU
run a kernel that constructs the image(s)
in C
download data from GPU
save your data to image files.

Thanx for your fast reply.

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This is Radhika .

For one of my assignment I have to construct an image from MRI/Ultrasound raw data.

I required MRI/Ultrasound raw data for constructing an image.

If u know any details regarding this please give the information as early as possible.