How can I run multiple isaac-sim container in one machine and connect them with browser

I’m using docker to start multiple isaac sim container in one machine, trying to mapping different host port to the docker port. But it didn’t work, here is a few question :

  1. what ports do I need to map ? In the official doc it 's 8211 which used to connect the streaming client ,and I found another port is 8899, which is hard-coded in the client’s file. However, when I start the docker I can see that docker maps several ranges of ports, are all these ports used ? Do I need to map them to different host port as well?

  2. the client’s html file has hard-coded the web-socket port to 8899. Does that mean I must modify the client’s source code to connect to a different port ?

Hi. The default port for the html server is 8211. You can run another instance of Isaac Sim with a different port using this flag --/exts/ Technically, you can run another browser tab and connect to 8311 but currently we are seeing some issues.

thanks for your reply. I managed to solve this problem by redirecting 8899 and 8211 port to different host port , using docker cli -p flags.
It turned out that the streaming client is only using 8899 port to transfer visual data. And 8211 port is just used for getting the streaming client files. So I cloned the streaming files ( html, js ,css …) into my local machine, and modified the hard-coded request url to a dynamic one, which can be changed according to the given parameters. Then I can connect different isaac-sim in one server machine.
This solution may need some coding work.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ve file a ticket [OM-34828] to open up port 8899 for user to edit.