Nucleus server installation without launcher

isaac sim already installed using container. Is there a way to install nucleus server without launcher in the headless server?
I follow the instruction in the doc below,

$ mkdir -p ~/.nvidia-omniverse/config
$ mkdir -p ~/.config/autostart
$ sudo apt install unzip -y
$ unzip <> -d nucleus_installer
$ cd nucleus_installer
$ setup/nucleus-setup -i # To install
$ setup/nucleus-setup -u # To uninstall

The service is running checked by systemctl, but it seems not working and no way login (can not visit ip:3080 or ip:8080). And sim container is still checking nucleus server. Is there anything missing?

I’m afraid there is a limitation using the headless installer. The Nucleus server can only be access locally.

Did you try running the installer on the server natively and not in the container? When using --network=host when running the container, it should be able to access the local server.

I am using isaac sim in the container and install the nucleus with out of container. The isaac sim container is running with – network=host. But it seems not working at all?
BTW, both are installed in the headless machine with no ubuntu gui, which I can not use launcher to install nucleus.

Hi @charmyoung

I run Isaac Sim in similar conditions.
I have a container for Isaac Sim and a container for Nucleus, both headless in a remote workstation…

I am exposing nucleus services to any external Isaac Sim instance by using the redir tool.
This is the bash script I am launching inside the container running nucleus.
Also, I can access to the web service by using

Where, is the remote workstation IP. Change it to your IP

Hope this help in some way :)


redir $HOST_IP:3001
redir $HOST_IP:3006
redir $HOST_IP:3007
redir $HOST_IP:3009  # nucleus-core
redir $HOST_IP:3010
redir $HOST_IP:3020  # nucleus-tagging
redir $HOST_IP:3080
redir $HOST_IP:3085

redir $HOST_IP:3100
redir $HOST_IP:3120  # nucleus-snapshots
redir $HOST_IP:3180  # nucleus-auth

redir $HOST_IP:3333  # nucleus-discovery

redir $HOST_IP:3400  # nucleus-search

redir $HOST_IP:8001
redir $HOST_IP:8002

redir $HOST_IP:8080  # nucleus-web-ui
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