I can not acces nucleus servers from my local instance


I am trying to get started using the Isaac Sim, but i fail to connect my local instance of omniverse to the nucleus server. I am running Isaac Sim on AWS, and nucleus locally, could this induce problem?

I get this error message in the AWS/Isaac terminal :
2021-01-08 17:11:38 [325,852ms] [Info] [omni.client.plugin] Tick: provider_nucleus: Connecting to localhost:3009 Failed: Connection refused

And this is how it looks in my omniverse clinet:


I’m not clear about your setup. Is your Isaac Sim and Nucleus server running on the same AWS instance?
If they do, you should use the “–network=host” flag when running Isaac Sim in docker.

Sorry for not being more precise, my Isaac Sim is running on an AWS instance, and I run the nucleus server on my local ubuntu 18.04. I have tried using the “–network=host” flag without any luck.

I solved it by running the Isaac Sim and Nuclues on the same AWS instance, instead.

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