Cannot connect to Nucleus Server

I am trying access the Nucleus Server manually because I need to download a .usd file to create an instanceable asset of my robot. When I open the Isaac Sim User Interface and go to Content Browser → Omniverse-> localhost, I get “Failed to start url omniverse:://localhost”. I can use the robot in simulation if I start a standalone program, so the connection itself should be fine.

The main goal is not the connection to the nucleus server. The main goal is creating an instanceable asset. So giving me an answer that does not solve the nucleus server problem, but will help me create an instanceable asset will be just as good.

@barandemirbd2000 i am just another user, so take my inputs as a grain of salt. sounds like you’ve already set up OV nucleus already (localhost), is that correct? if so, can you go into the “Nucleus” tab of the OV Launcher and click on the hamburger menu and go into “Settings”?

let’s double check to see if all of the services are running.

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately I have no access to the account containing the nucleus server as of this moment. I am using my institutions account and right now I cannot access it. I will reach out once I have access again.